When You’re In An Emergency Situation

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It is human nature, perhaps. Stubbornness and pride is perhaps a weakness and just goes to show how fallible men and women may be. Although it has to be said that while women in general are perceived to shriek during panic situations, they do tend towards more rational behavior, influenced by their nurturing instincts perhaps. It could also be assumed that they will not be found wanting should an emergency tooth extraction port charlotte procedure become necessary.

Men, on the other hand, may still have a tendency to take the law in their own hands if you will. Cultural, geopolitical and even medical history may well show that there is evidence of this prideful behavior. It does not even come close to allowing the proverbial survival instincts to kick in. Perhaps men would be better off in giving their testosterone levels a rain check and alternatively indulging in a bit of hormone replacement therapy?

The point is, when an emergency situation does arise, the human body and mind is required to act as swiftly but as rationally as possible, rather than allow for panic and so-called survival instincts to rule the roost. Indeed, one of the great qualities of true leadership, apart from leading by example, is to rely on others for the completion of purposeful tasks that benefit not just one person but many. For instance, how is a breadwinner supposed to focus on his work when his mind is too bothered by an aching toothache that just refuses to go away?

Painkillers and antibiotics are temporary remedies, tantamount to the telling of old wives’ tales. But as always, doctor knows best. So, swallow your pride, don’t be silly, and just go to the dentist already. You won’t be sorry.