Step by step instructions to Insert a Mac Degree Symbol in Mac OS X

Something that we get asked, on a successive premise, is the means by which to embed a degree image in Mac OS X. There are no less than four different ways to embed a degree image into content, for instance 45˚ or 100°C. So here is a brisk manual for embeddings a Mac Degree Symbol. The speediest route is to utilize a Degree Symbol Keyboard Short-cut. Move the cursor to the area at which you need to embed a degree image. At that point, utilize one of the accompanying console alternate routes:

  • Option-K: embeds a little rakish degree image 135˚
  • Shift-Option-8: embeds bigger temperature degree image 72°CMacbook

For a somewhat slower way, utilize the Special Characters menu likewise called the Emoji and Symbols menu in OS X Yosemite and later which gives many helpful images, characters, and emoticon from which to pick. To get to it, put the cursor where you would like to embed the degree image and afterward either:

  • Use the console alternate route Control-Command-Space
  • In the Menu Bar use Edit, Special Characters or Edit, Emoji and Symbols

Keep in mind the little Mac degree image is accurately utilized for edges, as 360˚, while the bigger degree image ought to be utilized for temperature, 37°C or 98.6°F. So there you have it; how to embed a degree image in Mac OS X.


Hold down the Alt key and on the numeric keypad on the directly of the console, type 0176 or Alt+ 248


Press Option Shift 8


From the iOS console on your iPhone or iPad:

  • First hit the 123 catch to see the numerical keypad.
  • Now you can get to the degree sign with a tap and hold the 0 zero key.
  • This will uncover the degree image, this can be chosen through a spring up menu that shows up over the key.


Change to the numbers and images console and press the ALT key. The degrees image is on the second column. How do you type degrees Celsius on a mac? The advancements the MacBook represents are profound. This is a laptop computer that introduces remarkable layout, production, performance, and also ecological advancements. It also tosses down an onslaught for other business to get if they select. In the meanwhile, the MacBook continues to be remarkable.

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